Empowering you to reclaim your life. 

My goal is to help guide you towards the life you want to be living, steer you away from negative thought patterns, and get you back into the drivers seat of your life.
I am a qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist, but I also use mindset coaching practises along with techniques from CBT, NLP and mindfulness meditation.
My passion for helping people wake up to their inner brilliance and believe in their limitless potential has evolved intuitively. I am a natural listener; empathy and the ability to understand and encourage comes easily to me. 
My drive to help others has been bolstered by my own journey through crippling self doubt and challenging life experiences which necessitated working through self sabotage, unhealthy relationships, addictive behaviour and a deeply rooted lack of self worth.
My own personal experience of what it takes to embrace a new healthy perspective and how to change the way you view yourself and your life, allows me to empathise fully with where you are right now, and show you that it is possible to change how you feel about yourself, and as a result, how to redirect your life with purpose, passion and positivity.