Calm Sea


A refreshing and motivating approach to therapy,

Welcome to Above The Pink Cloud. A place for motivation, inspiration and transformation.
Above the Pink Cloud therapy was created from a desire to provide a refreshing and alternative therapeutic approach to how we look at our lives, the way that our minds work, and how to change the things that limit us.
Unlike more conventional therapy, I use an informal and intuitive approach combining my skills in counselling and hypnotherapy, along with my experience in personal development practises and coaching techniques to guide, motivate and encourage the growth and change you are looking for.
I can help you define your goals, shift your mindset, delve into what is limiting you, and work with you through life's challenges and difficulties, with a focus on your progression and personal healing.
Together, we can help get you "unstuck".
I provide a confidential, relaxed, compassionate environment that is free from judgement, where you can release your burdens, talk without fear, and work through your worries and your limits to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be.